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What is Venture?


Venture School is a fully accredited comprehensive public school for students in grades K-12. As an alternative education school, we are able to serve students whose needs may be best met through study outside of a traditional school setting through Independent StudyCourses are offered in a variety of formats to meet the learning needs of our students. 


Venture’s independent study program provides students with the opportunity to personalize their education with the freedom to pursue opportunities with the extra time that independent study allows. Students work with a primary teacher who provides and oversees a program of study to match their grade level, interests, and aspirations. Through this process, Venture students master academic skills while developing the independence, initiative, time management and organizational capabilities necessary for future success.


All students attend Venture's Independent Studies program by choice. The flexibility of the schedule helps students to pursue personal interests outside the classroom, and also meet the educational requirements of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Our students learn time management skills and practice the self discipline that will be necessary for future success in all areas of life.


We provide Independent Study students with access to a standards aligned education using the SRVUSD approved curriculum that is supervised by a credentialed teacher at a weekly meeting. During the weekly meeting, the teacher reviews and evaluates the student’s progress over the prior week and provides the student with lessons that support and guide continued learning in the coming week. Teachers are able to adapt lessons to meet student needs.


Some of our Independent Study courses are in a blended learning format, which means students spend up to two hours per week in a group lesson led by a teacher, that is designed to support their independent learning. To ensure the success of our students, we expect students to work daily on their studies. Students should expect to spend approximately five hours per week in study for each course they take.


For students in elementary grades, it is important that they work daily with an adult (typically a parent or guardian) who will guide and support student engagement in the assigned learning activities and monitor student work. At the weekly meeting, the teacher meets with both the adult and student. As students mature and are able to take on more responsibility for their studies, the parent's role changes. By high school, students typically meet with the teacher on their own.



See our Del Amigo webpage for information about our Continuation High School program for students age 16-18 years old.