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About Venture


Which students profit from enrolling in Venture School?

Any student may profit from their experience at Venture School. The freedom, flexibility, and variety of learning choices available allow the instructor to personalize curriculum to each student’s individual needs. Students who desire counseling, who need to work, who are preparing for the C.H.S.P.E., who desire to catch up on lost credit, who travel, or study as an intern all have the opportunity to excel at Venture School.  Each year, Venture School serves approximately 1000 students.

What determines a student’s academic program?

Upon registration, an assessment of each student’s credit and skills is completed. The goals and concerns of both student and parents are sought and a determination of obtainable goals is made.

When may a student enter Venture School?

Since all studies are individualized, self paced, and performance based, a student may begin at any point in the school year.

How long does a student remain at Venture School?

Time at Venture School varies from weeks to years depending upon a student’s wishes and his/her best interests. Students who best use Venture usually arrive with goals and a time period for their accomplishment in mind. A student can graduate from Venture School, go back to a standard school, or on to their post graduation plans.

How many credits may be earned in a semester?

It is possible to earn more, fewer, or the same number of credits that is considered normal in a comprehensive school. Credit for all course contracts is based on completion of assignments, not just on time spent completing them. Generally, 15 hours of contractual work earns one credit. Grades also reflect the student’s level of proficiency, as failing grades must be redone to achieve a passing score. The result in giving credit for what is actually accomplished is that a student cannot receive full credit unless he/she has accomplished each task as set forth in the course contract.

How often must a student attend Venture School?

Independent study students have a set weekly appointment with their advisor and usually attend from one to five hours per week. Attendance requirements are determined by a student’s life situation and academic and personal needs.

Can a student graduate from Venture School?

Yes. A student graduates when the standard graduation requirements for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District are completed. An annual graduation ceremony is held each June for all students who have graduated throughout the school year with a High School or Adult Education Diploma, G.E.D. or C.H.S.P.E. certificate.  A high school diploma requires a student to complete 240 credits in specific subject areas.  An Adult Education Diploma requires 180 credits in specific subjects and recipients must be 18 years or older. The General Educational Development (GED®) test is a national test that may be taken in California by persons who are eighteen years of age or older, or who meet specific criteria for testing at age seventeen.

Are Venture credits acceptable for University entrance?

Yes. Venture School is a fully accredited high school and credits are issued through the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

Who can enroll at Venture School?

Any student who lives within the boundaries of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District who has not graduated from high school may attend Venture School. Students living outside the boundaries of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District may enroll if they obtain an inter-district transfer from their school district to Venture School and reside either in Contra Costa County or in a county adjacent to it. Students who are over the age of 18 years can enroll without a transfer.

Which students should be tested at Venture?

All second through eleventh grade students need to participate in the State and District mandated testing program. All tests are given at Venture School. Information will be sent home prior to each test. Students who do not test are not allowed to remain at Venture.