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What is Concurrent Enrollment?

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Venture students who reside in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District may apply to take concurrent classes at their home middle or high school. Concurrent enrollment applications are available at Venture in the spring of each year for the following school year.

Placement in the program is limited. Priority is given to high school students who need to take the laboratory science, advanced math, and foreign language courses which are not available at Venture but are required for college admission. At the middle school level, priority is given to students who will take math and science classes at their school of residence.

Venture students who reside in another school district are not eligible for concurrent enrollment at their home high schools. However, all Venture students are eligible to take concurrent classes at a Community College.  Students as young as 14 years of age have successfully completed courses at the community college level. These courses provide opportunities for students to take courses which Venture doesn’t offer, to strengthen a high school transcript for purposes of college applications, and to get an early start on a college education.

Requirements for Concurrent Enrollment at Community Colleges

When applying to community colleges, students enroll online via the college website and then fill out the Special Admissions Recommendation Form which is available at Venture or on the college websites. This form lists the specific classes for which the student wishes to register. (The Venture counselor is happy to assist with course selection, prerequisites, and other aspects of the process.) The recommendation form requires a parent signature as well as that of the Venture administrator and/or counselor. Juniors and seniors submit the completed form to the college’s admissions office. DVC and most other colleges require students at the sophomore level and below to attend the very first class of the semester and obtain the instructors' signature before submitting the form to the admissions office.

Benefits of Community College Concurrent Enrollmet

Venture School has a limited selection of world language courses and offers no lab science courses other than Biology. Students who are applying directly to four year colleges must have these courses. Taking courses at a Community College also allows students to explore different career options. Certificate programs require courses specifically to gain knowledge for particular careers, so courses such as social studies, English, math or lab sciences are not required unless needed for that particular career. Students may also choose this option to make up lost credits in their earlier high school years.

In some instances, completed courses at the Community College level can be used for both high school graduation and college graduation requirements. In addition, courses which are transferable to the University of California are given weighted grades on the high school transcript, which can raise a student’s GPA. The typical community college student takes three years to become eligible for a transfer to a 4-year college as a junior. Starting classes at the community college while enrolled as a high school student will allow students to transfer to a 4-year college sooner than average.